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Alpaqueros from Ayacucho, Part 2

This year, I decided to get to know Ayacucho through their people, up close and personally, by the best way that I can do, using my photography.  This adventure is not only a 3,000km trip, is a personal journey in which I have learned to value life and it’s simply things.  I left Ayacucho with a lot of them on me and hoping having left a little bit of me as well.

Alpaqueros from Ayacucho, Peru

Union, strength, loyalty, shelter, the Andean family develop themselves though hardworking, harvesting the resources provided by their land. They stand in front of my lens with a true commitment, transmitting peace and showing me their hearts. Children with sheer spirits and full of love passing on tender but at the same time strength.

Laguna Grande, Ica, Peru

Rancherio Village, 52 houses, 100 people, and 300 years of fishing heritage. This is a place that is not even on the map or found with a GPS. There is no cell signal nor  landline here, just the ocean, real people and the treasures of the sea. It was an epic and  beautiful journey in my professional career as a storyteller.


Fishermen Headshots from Rancherio, Laguna Grande, Ica, Peru

A series of headshots of fishermen from Rancherio, Laguna Grande, Ica, Peru

Quinoa and Potatoes Farmers at 11,000 Ft ASL

An expedition, some might call it an adventure or even an assignment, for me is reconnecting with my roots, my ethnicity and the marvelous harvest from my Terruño (Land).

After driving endless hours in The Andes the reward was just there, waiting.

Real People is getting hard to find in todays world full of materialism, consumerism and social inequality.

These are some of the pictures from the Local People I met in Wuarochiri, Lima, Peru.