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Sullorky, Lima

Sullorky is a popular district in Lima, Peru, with almost 100,000 habitants. Although is completely surrounded by upscale districts, it is mostly a lower-middle class one. The old town area of Sullorky is known to be dangerous and tourists are discouraged from walking there alone, as it is rife with thieves, gang violence and drugs, but at the same time Sullorky is full of hard working people, commerce is the main activity of this town , you can find, fix, sell and buy almost anything or everything here. The next is the first group of pictures of this hard working people. Additional galleries will come.

Mochica’s Fishermen, Huanchaco

Mochica's Fishermen ©Inti Pachurin Photography.
Agustin Piminchumo and his Caballitos de Totora at his shop
The Mochica’s Fishermen

Huanchaco is a beachside town and touristic spot located in Trujillo, 574 Km north of Lima, with 38,134 habitants. It is well known for its surf breaks, Caballitos de Totora, and its Ceviche.

There are only a few fishermen who still work with the traditional caballitos de totora used by their ancestors for the past 3,000 years.

Today the new generations of Mochicans don’t want to become a fisherman anymore because the pay is too low, instead they choose surfing as a sport and they go to College to study a different career.

Some specialists say that in the next decade The Mochicas Fishermen will disappear.

Few reasons:
Industrial depredation of the marine flora and fauna,
Urban sprawl and maritime erosion; sweeping away what is left of the Swamps of Huanchaco.

Air Force Men, Lima